The New Classic: Denim on Denim

The New Classic: Denim on Denim

Hey everyone!
I decided to try out the denim on denim look. It became popular around last year but I never got into it. Well, things change and so do people because I quite enjoy D-on-D. I wanted to try something new so here we are!

 I strive to feel comfortable in whatever I'm wearing. If it doesn't feel right, I won't wear it. The D-on-D look is really effortless. It's a simple way to look put together. You can always jazz up the look or play it down to its bare elements. I decided to go for the understated vibe; let the denim do all the talking!

It was a really fun shoot today. The weather was lovely, people were everywhere. A good day calls for a good photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy!

-Yanique xx
All images taken by Amber Pollitt. 

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  1. Love the one when you smile and you look beautiful, keep it up.


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